Book Your Timeless Charm Session Today!

Book Your Timeless Charm Session Today!

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$30 (per appointment) as a deposit for permanent jewelry service at the pop up at Little Mountain Shop on Granville Island. Each booking will be for a 20min session. You choose your chain, for either a ring, bracelet, anklet or necklace. 

We have options, either 14kt Gold Filled Chains or .925 Sterling Silver.

14kt Gold Filled

  • bracelets $75 
  • anklets $85
  •  necklaces (priced per length)

.925 Sterling Silver

  • bracelets - $65
  • anklets - $75
  • necklaces (priced per length)

Add On Affirmations are also available to pre-purchase for you session.

Pearl affirmations in stock are also available to make permanent.


  • An appointment can accommodate only one person, please book separate appointments for each guest in your group
  • Appointments take appx. 20 mins and includes the care guide info, after care warranty and chain selection.
  • Welding takes just a few minutes, but you may expect a wait. 
  • We can only hold your spot if you are present
  • All sales are final, and jewelry must be worn with care.
  • deposit will be deducted from overall cost per appointment
  • Deposit is non refundable