I AM ENOUGH beryl affirmation Bracelet

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Beryl - the energies of this stone will fill you with courage and confidence to figure out the next step in your life journey. This stone will help you let go of your unnecessary or unwanted emotional baggage. It will show you how you can process your old feelings so that they will no longer affect your present or your future. 

It will remind you of your talents and abilities, and it will help you unlock and realize your potentials. 

Beryl is often used as a crystal ball of sorts because it will help you find the answers that you seek when it comes to your personal, professional, spiritual life. 

This stone will promote courage, and it will unleash your inner strength. It will relieve your stress and calm your mind.

Beryl will make you feel invincible because it will dissolve the obstacles that may arise. It will give you the strength of body, mind, and spirit to overcome your challenges. 

 Dainty affirmation bracelet is perfect to wear solitary or layer with other bracelets. Mini genuine gem stones parted with micro sterling silver beads are strung on hardy wire and attached to a dainty sterling silver chain. So pretty and delicate but sturdy and strong to wear everyday. 

Lengths: Available in 5.5 inches to 8 inches.

Made to measure, allow 1/2 inch allowance from wrist size. 

Select chain finish and wrist measurement from drop box, bracelet will be made 1/2 inch larger.

Gift? Size guide referring to ladies dress size:

xs - 5.5" - 6.25"

s - 6.25" - 6.75"

m - 6.75" - 7.5"

l - 7.5" - 8.25"